Chapter Mtg Apr 17, 2019

APRIL 17 SOCIAL MEETING PROGRAM will feature John Garner, WMSR superintendent, who will give an informative talk to guests and members of the WM Chapter NRHS attending the next monthly meeting, which will be held at 7 PM on the second floor of the Allegany Museum on the corner of Pershing and South Mechanic streets in Cumberland MD. Members and other visitors are requested to park their vehicles in the parking area on the south side of the museum building and use the south entrance flanked by the concrete ramp-way. Take the elevator to the second floor, then turn right and go down the hallway.

For more than three years, John Gamer has served as the chief of the WMSR, which next month marks thirty years since it began operating steam-powered excursion trains over the 15.6 miles of historical rails between Cumberland and Frostburg. He will discuss the progress that has been made in re-assembling the massive 1309 Mallet-designed 2-6-6-2 steam locomotive to operating condition. Some rail fans are asking when they can see it make trial runs between Cumberland and Frostburg. The Mountain City has not seen steam plumes nor heard a steam whistle in three years. When all the restoration is completed and 1309 is once again running on mountain rails, it will be America’s largest articulated steam locomotive active in regularly scheduled excursion service east of the Mississippi River. Garner will also talk about the various excursion train trips that are scheduled throughout 2019. There are several exciting events planned for the scenic railroad during the next eight months ahead, and those who attend this meeting will hear what is coming down the track. The meeting is open to the public at no charge.

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