Chapter Meeting – March 17, 2021

PREVIEW OF MARCH 17th PROGRAM, which will be given at 7 PM in the Cumberland Railroad Museum at 17 Howard Street, among the shops at Canal Place. WM Chapter Meeting Program Chairman Jeff Geiger has been searching through the railroad video collection, looking for a video program that would be appealing to chapter members and visitors as well. Whatever his selection will be, the program is certain to be quite interesting and informative. More information about this upcoming meeting program will be published in the March issue of The Automatic Block newsletter and in the WM Chapter’s website (

Chapter Meeting – Feb 17, 2021

SOCIAL MEETING PROGRAM ON FEB. 17 will feature an illustrated talk given by WM Chapter President Tom Biery. This social meeting will be at 7 PM on Wednesday, February 17, in the Cumberland Railroad Museum located along the western extension of Howard Street, among the shops at Canal Place. Admission is free and open to the public. Nearest parking is available in the area beneath the Interstate Route 68 bridge on the north side of Howard Street, opposite the historic Footer’s Dye Works building. Parking space is free on a first-come basis.


All Western Maryland Chapter members, family and friends are cordially invited to attend the holiday party on Wednesday, December 16, at 6 PM (please note the hour-earlier time), which will be held on the second level of City Lights American Grill & Bar at 59 Baltimore Street in Cumberland, Maryland. Parking is available in the public parking lot off Pershing Street; use the south entrance to the restaurant. Guests can order their individual meals from the regular menu. For more information about the cuisine selection, visit the City Lights website ( This occasion will be a strictly informal event with good food and fine fellowship, celebrating the completion of yearly activities and the beginning of the winter season. No individual reservations are required, just come and enjoy the festivities. Best wishes are extended for a joyous holiday season and happiness that continues throughout the coming year!


ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING ON NOV. 18 will be held at 7 PM in the board room on the second floor of the Allegany Museum on the corner of Pershing and South Mechanic streets in Cumberland MD.

Since this event is the last public business meeting of the year, chapter officers and committee chairmen will present final reports on their activities. The admission of any new members will be considered, and dues payments for 2021 will be received from current members. A review of the second year of operation for the Cumberland Railroad Museum will be given. Preliminary plans for next year will be discussed, and monthly meeting dates will be selected. The major item of business will be the election of officers and directors who will serve next year. All WM Chapter members are urged to attend this meeting.